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Conservation Commission
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Senior Center Building-2nd Floor
10-B West State Street
Granby, MA 01033
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Edward Chapdelaine
Vice Chair
Wenda Luff
Amy Frary
William Shaheen
Wilmot Lewis
Patricia Kasulinous
Richard Gaj, Sr.,Associate
The Granby Conservation Commission consists of seven members, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, and associate members, appointed by the Conservation Commission. The Commissioners volunteer their time to protect the interest of the townspeople and their environment. Specifically, the Commission’s responsibility is to administer the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (Chapter 131 section 40) and safeguard the eight interests of the Act:

•       Private and Public Water Supply
•       Groundwater Protection
•       Pollution Prevention
•       Flood Prevention
•       Prevention of Storm Damage
•       Land Containing Shellfish
•       Wildlife Habitat & Fisheries

As part of the administration and enforcement of the Act, the Commission has the authority to regulate activities in, and adjacent to, environmental resource areas such as stream banks, wetlands, floodplain, and rare species habitat. Such activities include, but are not limited to, new construction, demolition, dumping, and/or stockpiling of materials, earth removal, well installations, percolation testing, tree clearing, and lowering or diversion of surface and subsurface waters.

Furthermore, there are other areas in which the Conservation Commission has traditionally been involved such as the acquisition and preservation of open areas for uses such as agricultural and passive recreation in the future. The Commission has donated their time and funds to refurbish recreational lands; and to better serve the Town the Commission actively participates in the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions continuing education and training programs.

The Commission continues to encourage property owners to donate land to the Conservation Commission to ensure preservation and protection of the environmental resource areas and open spaces of our Town. We strongly encourage any resident who is interested in joining the Commission or assisting us in our work to contact one of the members of the Commission.

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