Assessors are required by Massachusetts’s law to value all real and personal property within our community. We value every property, from single-family residences to the largest commercial and industrial enterprises. We perform this work with a staff of one and we hire a professional appraisal firm and a consultant to assist us. We also use computer software as a tool to maintain values, and assist with the multitude of calculations required in our work.

Every three years Assessors must submit these values to the state Department of Revenue for certification. We must also maintain the values in the years between certifications. This is done so that each property taxpayer in the community pays his or her fair share of the cost of local government – no more or less- in proportion to the amount of money the property is worth.

We also have a responsibility for the motor vehicle excise tax bills originated by the State Registry of Motor Vehicles. We grant abatements and answer any questions regarding excise taxes.

We also have a major role in promoting effective financial management in our community. By keeping values at the market standard, the Assessors assist in maximizing the resources available to fund municipal services expected by the residents. Property taxes are one of the major sources of funding for community services enjoyed by the taxpayers – schools for their children, police and fire protection, and the upkeep of town roads.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Michelle Simpson 413-467-7196

Board of Assessors

William Porter III


Gregg Leonard


Dakota Richards